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About Hoop League

Hoop League is a Basketball BRAND, COMPANY and CULTURE. We started in August of 2019 as just a men’s basketball league in Rockwall,Texas. After the season many players thought it would be a great idea to transform the league into a brand.


We say “Our Brand. Our Culture”. But when we say "our" we mean "US" As in our fans as well. Our logo has become a bit recognizable with using block HL with a basketball. Less is more in our opinion and our fans get the point. Our mission is to be the number 1 basketball brand in the world. We believe the top brands today are not authentic. Most of their decision makers never grinded out in the playgrounds, gyms and now leagues. We bring authenticity to or brand. We speak the language. For true ball players this is important. Our goal is to create designs that can relate to anyone that's ever picked up a basketball. We want to also usher in women’s basketball as a force in the apparel game. Making designs for all as equals. The Hoop League Commitment is strong here.

We will come up with the best quality basketball apparel items. Along with time  apparel and its quality has changed and new trends have come up. Our fashion designers recognize that trend and will comes up with the best solutions. For us, the aspect of perfection happens to be the best here. When it comes to  basketball clothes, we want to bring the most trendy ones. We know for Hoopers this is important. At the same time, the comfort of the individuals also matter a lot. This is what makes Hoop League popular to all. In time, with new products and varieties, we expect to offer the best to the sports world. Its perfection in the sports world has stunned all and in time, more surprises are in order.


About Hoop League: The League

Hoop League happens to be one of the best offering the perfect quality basketball apparels. The founder of Hoop League is Terry Pierson of Dallas, Texas. Hoop League also offer tournaments for both 5 on 5 and 3 on 3 and partners with HOOPITUP as a franchise licensed partner. Hoop League hopes to sponsor youth and the teams and events as we continue to grow and expand.


For more information, please visit shophoopleague.com & thehoopleague.com


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